Do I need a visa ?


Stay permit

In order to travel to the Philippines you need of course a valid passport.

With same you can enter the Philippines any time without an extra visa and you can stay upto 4 weeks (30 days).

A visa is only required of you would like to stay longer than 30 days. If you decide to stay longer you have to go to Cebu or another city and there to an immigration office in order to extend your 4 weeks visa which you received at the airport.

The extension costs between 2000 and 3000 Php depending on the period between 1 and 3 months.
Later you can extend the visa upto 6 months at once which you can repeat upto max. 3 years.

The procedure is not really comfortable and you will loose a whole day of your holiday by traveling, waiting and standing in line.

Some dive shops and travel offices provide a visa extension service for a small service charge.

The best and easiest way to stay longer in the Philippines is to apply for a visa already at the Philippines consulate at home. This way you can enjoy each single day during your holiday.

If you require further information and would like to have a look already at the visa forms please click here



We strongly recommend to contact the consulate of the Philippines at home before traveling !

My above mentioned notes are only references of my latest knowledge.

The Philippine bureaucracy tends to make changes randomly and constantly !

All details here given are without guarantee!