Small orders on our Bar
We also serve with rice!

Sorry but our resort is too small to operate a large restaurant.
We do not serve vegetarian, halal, kosher and alergy menus!
For extra requests please speak with our staff on site.

Bratwurst &
French fries or rice
(German Sausage)

Php 320.-

Chicken Legs &
French fries or rice

Php 300.-

Chicken Wings &
French fries or rice

Php 280.-

Beef Tenderloin &
French fries or rice

100g php 260.-

Ribeye &
French fries or rice

400g php 1200.-

Spaghetti Bolognese 

php 440.-
Homemade with pork, beef, bacon, dried tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, herbs, olive oil

Cold Cuts &

Php 800.-

Depend of stock

Seafood Risotto
Shrimp, squid, octopus, heilbut, shells (depend market)
P 700.-  
(min 2 order)

Shrimp w. Basilicum in Olive Oil
with Toastbred or Rice

P 350.- (min 2 order)

Shrimp w. Basilicum Fresh Salad
with Toastbred or Rice
P 500.- (min 2 order)

Enjoy Korean BBQ / Hot Stone
Sliced Tenderloin and Sirlon Beef, Ham, Bacon, Porc, Chicken, Squid, Fish, Shrimps Prowns, Eg, and lots of Vegetable for your own Soup.

1 Day pre-order required!

Because of covid19 and low food stock please pre order 2 days in advance, so we have time to buy all stuff fresh on the market.