Dear tripadvisor

this site i make to explain you the details about this stalker.
him do this more then 3 years, even this first review is from him.
starts with this first review, because we dont accept him as a guest, because him want to make a big party in our place. since this time we get regulary fake reviews from him on google, facebook and tripadvisor.

as you can see, him use same words, same names, 100% sure is always the same person!

same stalker on facebook 1 year ago september 28. 2020
here link to my fb review page:

and here him stalk me on fb messenger, also today !!

here on september 2021 on tripadvisor with nearly same text

him write him was here on august.

we have no guest in our hotel since more then 1 year, only some lokals!
as we on a island and whole philippines have travel restriction, foreigner not allowed to arive in our country.

so this review is simple fake !

btw, im only 170 cm big, and 80 kg, have no belly, and i also dont smoke or drink alcohol !!

since i do paid advertising on tripadvisor, i really hope they will remove this fake review
so pleace remove this bad review

thank you :)


please, we pay money to tripadvisor but not to visitor see fake reviews !!

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