Stay in an environmentally sustainable hotel without sacrificing style and service!

- We use solar energy

- We use only led light

- We store rainwater

- We do not serve plastic bottles 

- We recycle our waste

- We do not use disposable plastic toiletries

- We wash environmentally friendly

- We use eco friendly cleaning products

- We have a chemical free swimming pool

- We compost and have our own garden 

- We shop locally and we do much more to save the World :)

With our 6 x 5 kw/h = 30kw/h GRID system (100 sun panels)

we get around:

  60 - 100 Kw on a rainy day

100 - 140 Kw on a cloudy day

140 - 180 Kw on a sunny day


This is already 65% of all power we need to supply ourselves.

To check power production for this 100 panels online 

Guest access:

Website:  click here

Pw:    Goodwe2018

Front roof from our twin bed and superior rooms

we have also 40 panels on our deluxe and standard rooms building.

This is the backside from our main building top of our washing area. Not visible for guest.

For blackouts we have our 40 kw Eco Diesel Generator

We always have aircon internet connection and cold beer 



Blackouts occur regularly in the Philippines, usually if it rains or during storms.

Our 40 Kw generator will make sure that the air conditioning and everything else will be available also during the blackouts.

Rainwater tanks