It is hard to please everyone.

Often you can do what you want, it is never right

We have a top rating and hundreds of good reviews so im sure we do a good job and really care about our valued guest !!
You can find all our reviews here

But also the dissatisfied guests or only frustrated bad peoples can write there what ever they want.

To make one thing clear:

I always accept any criticism and try to improve our service and hotel.

But some people they only bad and want to blame us or make us some damage.

As all the reviews about our resort is public on booking sites,  i will poste here also public, but i will tell my position and add some true facts on it.


I only post things here or on facebook where I have cctv, photos, videos, documents or other evidence that the guest is lying or simply wants to harm us.
if you want to see full and more then simple conntact me.

our latest one, we give him a free early check 10:00 (normally check in is 2:00 pm) in we even change the room because the room him book was not yet available, there was was still the old guest inside. 

We treath him good like all our guest, from welcome gift until call the aircon repair because him feel hot. (him stay whole afternon in room because was really hot outside)

After stay we bring him with our car for free to the bus station.

And this here is the thank you we get from him !!!!

here the video from cctv. sorry, no sound.

Yes it was little bit loud,  because was small party sound and peoples. but it was normal time from 6:00 to 10:00 pm where you also hoer the bars and street outside.

"him come back from beach 40-50 peoples in the pool??"
The pool was empty until 10:00pm

i count around 30 peoples including the staff !!
karaoke was finisch 10:20 pm
11:00pm most guest was already home.

And for this some one write use a half site review full with false facts and lies after all we arreange free for him and we apologise and offer him a 50% refund !!?? 

How bad and evil do you have to be to enjoy it to take revenge and harm a busines and all his workers in this hard covid time ??


Chinese language problem :)
not really funny, more sad :(

Next one, this guest enjoy his stay, but think was a mistake or misunderfstanding him think no 1 is best and 10 is poor.

but there is no way to explain or get some understanding from
so sadly we have to accept this verry bad rating.

here to much blabla
so simple read my answer.
maybe him have a bad day or trouble with his wife :)
ps: we have 10000 liter waterthank and power generator, so we always have internet and water! we even have a backup internet coinnection with antenna.
and sure we change towels when ever you want.

This guest go always out, morning diving or out for eat. him never off the aircon if him left the room, him let the magnetc key in the room and let run the aircon all the time him was not hereeven the windows was open.

our staff and after happens 3 times then even me friendly remind him several times to not do this please.

since i tell him, him was shy and hiding from me !? :)

then at last day some guest invite me to dinner, so i eat with him, tables arround was all free, but this guest cant still not watch my eyes because him exactly know why we have this magnetig keys and that we have to tell him a simple thing like: please close the window or off the aircon if you left the room!!!

but no problem i know already him will write me a bad review. :)

There was lots more yes.
But after 3 years remove the old reviws, so i remove them also on my website.

Not all bad reviews we list here, because some times we make mistakes and we have to accept that the guest was not happy.
Means some bad review we see as a simple feedback and we will improve.

And here for comparison just what the average says about us.