We use Naturally Energy

With our 3 x 5 kw/h system we get around 60 Kw/h Sollar Energy every suny day, which is 1/4 to supply ourselves.

Front roof from our twin bed and superior rooms

To check power production for this 40 panels online click here

User: sems@portal.com
Pw:    semsportal20

we have also 16 panels on our deluxe and standard rooms building.

Power system 1 APS 16 Panels

16 panels on our deluxe  and standard rooms building.
System APS micro inverter
dont need a password only click here

This is the backside from our main building top of our washing area. Not visible for guest.

We are also prepared for blackouts!
We always have aircon internet connection and cold beer 


Blackouts occur regularly in the Philippines, usually if it rains or during storms.

Our 40 Kw generator will make sure that the air conditioning and everything else will be available also during the blackouts.

Our home made sollar water heater. 400 m pe pipe and 400 liter thank.

we get 400 liters hot water for free