Use of our BBQ and Tables in Restaurant Pool area

For the use of our grill and the restaurant bar pool area we charge 100.- php per head if you order the drinks and side dishes like french fries or rice from us. 

This price is included the coal, the staff will support you, the barbecue utensils plates and the cleaning at the end.
Also the use of our salt, pepper spices ketchup, tissues and more.

BBQ we allow only on request, depends on how many guests we have.

please understand that other guests have paid for their stay, and may want a seat by the pool or like to relaxe there.

If you want to bring own food and make BBQ, then read next topic please.

If you bring your own drink and food from outside in our restaurant or pool area we have a service charge 250.- php per head/day!

Let me explain why:
We a hotel resort, and not a free camping hostel or picknic place :)

Normal guest use our restaurant and bar, buy our food and our drinks so we get some small income for use our equipment, plattes, tables, ice, glass wasching, cleaning tables, staff, use the cr, use the bbq, brocken things, cleaning, remove the garbage and and and.

If you bring your own food we get no income for all this and only earn the garbage and work.
Thats way we charge a 250.- php per person. also for children!!

There is strictly no cooking in our rooms!

We dont allow rice cooker and other cooking in our rooms, sory but we rent you a hotel room and not a kitchen. you can ask our staff to cook rice or what ever.

Except in our apartment with kitchen

Also the kitchen in our Apartment allow to use but extra condition and not to cook for other guest in other rooms!
Because this kitchen is for use if you rent this room as a single family, not for big cooking and support your whole travel group!

*For kitchen use in apartment we have extra charge 100.- php per head !

It is per head because if we get group booking, example 3 rooms and 10 peoples, you will use our equipment and we have to clean, get all the mess and garbage, and we cant sell any drinks or food in our Bar/Restaurant, but our staff still work for you!

It is free to use microwave, toaster, whater cooker and all, we charge this  only if you want to cook on the stove, use panels and we have to clean!