Our Room Policy and Romrates


Dear Guest

Room rates vary depending on the number of adults and children.

Please make sure you give the correct information on the reservation so that you get the right prices!

3 person cost more then 2 person, as you get 1 more breakfast and 1 more bed, more towels, more service.

You can not book for 2 adults, and then stay with 3 or 4 person for same price. also not if you bring your children without add on the booking form.

As long you add all person correctly you get the correct rate and the correct rooms where we allow children.

For extra persons of each age we charge 800.- php!

For double rooms we don't have extra bed!


Children Policy

We do not allow more than 2 persons and no children under 12 years in our double rooms!

If you add your children correct on the booking form, the website offer you our family rooms and not our double rooms!

If you dont add your children, all the double rooms show up for you and you can book this rooms!

If your booking information is wrong, please contact us now so that we can change or cancel your reservation.

We are not responsible if on your arrival in our hotel we have no room available for your family if you don't add the correct amount of person.

Also for our apartment or family (4 bed) rooms, we accept max 4 person, no extra children!

If you arrive in our hotel with more person then you have booked, we will not overfill our double rooms rooms and we also not will refund you for wrong bookings.

Please fix this now, if you book wrong!

On the booking page you are clearly asked for number of adults, children and age!

Fair play and add your children and there age please :) 


Thank you for understanding.