Dear Guest
For walk in or a last minute booking we will give you always a room for only 1 night as long we have one available.

But we will not accept bookings in advance for only overnight.

Here we explain you why?

This is a healthy booking calender for us over the weekend mixed with long and short stay bookings and our staff have always some work over the full week!

And that is what we want to avoid

- big group bookings,
- and only 1 or 2 night bookings

As you see we get lots of empty rooms (withe space) before and after this bookings.

Guests who want to stay longer cannot book because one day is blocked by groups and 1 day bookings.

And our Staff get all the work on same time, all guest check out on sunday 12:00 so we have to clean all this rooms in one afternoon!

Same problem with the breakfast and service.
The group members will come all together same time to enjoy here breakfast and we can't any more easy handle the breakfast room by room.

I understand that local guests want to book only on weekends and only for one night, but this costs us as a hotel a lot of money because we then have empty rooms before and after Saturday.


After having almost no tourists for more than 2 years because of the pandemic, we need the little money to pay our employees and the maintenance of the facility.

Our room rates are still very very low at the moment because of the lack of guests and high competition from all the other hotels. 

So please support our hotel by booking a whole weekend or more, or just find another place for your 1 day stay.

Unfortunately we cannot maintain our high standards and top service with a low budget and empty rooms.


Thank you for your understanding.


Ps: We as a hotel also do our part and have the responsibility for more than 10 employees that we support.