You get a extra cheap rate for your group booking but you have to accept and follow our rules and conditions!

We will accept groups from 5 to 12 person to extra rates, but we have our rules you have to read and understand!

We a hotel with high standards and good service, and we invest lots of work and money in maintenance and top equipment!

You get free billiard, ping-pong, table football, free drinking water, free coffe/tee in rooms, most rooms free sat tv channels, free parking in our backside, free towels for room and for pool, free high speed internet (we have a 100mbs line) and lots more as you can see on our website!


We accept max 12 people groups!

We really friendly, flexible and we will do all for our guest so they can enjoy there stay at our place.
But we have also to care about our other guest, thats way we have our policy and rules for group bookings!

If you can accept this policy, we have no problem to accept your reservation for your group. 

Children is not for free! Please add your kids if you book ! 

We can't offer this promo rate for 2 adults who then bring their 6 children for free.

As this is a discounted rate we charge also for children, because they also use all our equipment, eat breakfast and make us work for cleaning and washing.
Small dirty hands some times give us even more work :)

- Baby is for free. (A baby will not walking around)
- Todler and small kids until 5 years we charge 1/2 price.
- If your kid is over 5 years we charge full rate.

So if you book, please be honest add your children and there correct age on the reservation!

Please bring an ID or proof of age if the children are taller 
otherwise we simple will decide according to here size.

Our reception is 104 cm high, all children taller than this are considered over 5 years old and pay the full price if you don't show us a valid ID.

If you bring your own food we have a extra service charge 250.- php per head/day!


We have a small restaurant with a few simple small menus and we need the tables and chairs for our consuming guests.
In the near surroundings outside our hotel there are also many restaurants where you can eat.

Normal guests consume and pay for the waitress, all the utensils like plates, glasses, cleaning, garbage disposal and the rest from ice cubes to broken glasses. 

If you want to bring your own food or make a BBQ, we will charge 250.- p per person in your group as compensation.

Follow our check in and check out time! 2:00 check in - 12:00 check out

We have guest before you they have to check out 12:00, so we need time to clean the rooms, and we have maybe guest after you, they want to check in 2:00 pm so we also need time to clean the rooms. specially with big groups we have to clean lots of rooms in short time!

You have to leafe the room 12:00, we accept you stay until 2:00 Pm in our resort, but if you want to stay the whole afternoon then you have to book another day!

We can't allow for a big group, to stay whole day in our property after check out because next guest have paid also for his room, and want relax alone on the pool not with your big group.

Lights out / Sleep time / Drunk peoples / Noise

We a hotel resort surroundet with other private propertys, so we have to respect them and be little bit quiet after 10:00 pm, and sure make no more noise after 12:00 !


Normally we of the light on pool and bar area 12:00 at midnight. 

Depend how quiet your group is, we can make some extension, but we will of the light on bar and pool at latest 2:00 to 3:00 because we also like to sleep and have to wake up next day to serve breakfast to you and our other guest.

You can contact us any time here on the contact form, or also send us a message on messenger!


If you have any question you can call us 7:00 am to 9:00 pm:

Globe Landline # 032 401 36 60
Globe Mobile # 0995 3971 317
Smart Mobile # 0999 3524 861

(All numbers active and works!!  let the phone ring for long time)

Or simple use our contact form and we will answer to your e-mail