Small orders on our Bar

Sorry but our resort is too small to operate a large restaurant.
We do not serve vegetarian, halal, kosher and alergy menus!
For extra requests please speak with our staff on site.

Bratwurst &
French fries
(German Sausage)

Php 280.-

Chicken Legs &
French fries

Php 280.-

Chicken Wings &
French fries

Php 280.-

Beef Tenderloin &
French fries

100g php 260.-

Ribeye &
French fries

400g php 1200.-

Cold Cuts &

Php 800.-

Depend of stock

Enjoy Korean BBQ / Hot Stone
All you can eat!
Sliced Tenderloin and Sirlon Beef, Ham, Deacon, Porc, Chicken, Squid, Fish, Shrimps Prowns, Eg, and lots of Vegetable for your own Soup. incl Coffee and a Grappa :)
Min 2 adults. 1 small child under 7 years for free, children 8 - 12 years half price!!
1 Day pre-order required!

All Rooms have a Minibar and Snacks

(All Snacks & Drinks Php 50.-  = ~ 0,80 Euro ~ $0,90)  

Free Drinking Water, Coffee and Tee