Motorbikes and Mountainbikes

Be mobile!

We are about 5 minutes away from the beach by foot or about 20 minutes from Moalboal (Town) where markets are waiting to be explored and pharmacies and cash machines etc. are located.

To make the travelling even more comfortable and faster for you, 2 mountain bikes are availble for rent.  only 100.- Php/Day

Furthermore you can also rent motor bikes to a special low price between 400-500 Php daily (= abt.USD 6,00-8,00) depending on the duration.

 Our vehicles are new and always in top condition!

Honda XRM

125 ccm


 1-3   Days    500.- Php
 4-7   Days    450.- Php
 7-14 Days    400.- Php
15+   Days    300.- Php


Friction Girl

Infinity Boy

Shimano gear shift

Disc brakes

 1-3    Days     180.- Php
 4-7    Days     150.- Php
 7-14   Days    100.- Php
15+     Days      80.- Php